About Sisu Botanicals - Before and After COVID-19



Sisu Botanicals is a little apothecary and a small clinic in Fairfield which I set up last year. I'm pretty new. We used to do workshops, it was really like trying to educate people around their health space, and make it really easy to implement into your life. I also rented space to other holistic practitioners.

I make a lot of medicinal-based, herbal medicinal-based products like teas and skin care. Also, a lot of ritual products like incense, things like that. I was teaching a lot of it, I just really got into studying, teaching the community how to do that as well. Obviously, with COVID coming along, it meant that I pretty much couldn't rent to other practitioners anymore as it was a little bit hard for them to really guarantee that they're going to stay here.

Then also, my workshops had to change, obviously, as I couldn't have many people inside. Then also, everything basically went online.

Also because one thing I like to treat and help with the most is mental health, anxiety, depression, and stress. I did find going online like learning how to hold space over the computer was a big learning curve as well, because you pick up a lot when someone is in front of you. Basically, from in person to online, I guess, it is in a nutshell.

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