Writing a grant application can be a lot of work. In the video below, our own Jo Stewart speaks with digital marketing strategist, business development and communications consultant and performing artist Donna Gross on how to beat the overwhelm and write a successful grant application.

Read on for some grants that you can apply for now, as well as the full transcription of the conversation, or watch the video of their conversation.

Topics covered:

  • Getting Started and tackling Grant Writing Overwhelm
  • Grant Writing Planning Strategies
  • Getting Organised before you begin Grant Writing
  • Double Check Eligibility before Beginning your Grant Application
  • What to do when you don’t understand a criteria or question in the Grant Application?
  • Sustainability - What it means in a Grant Writing Context
  • Don't Be Afraid to Ask!
  • Grant Writing Language
  • Keep it Simple and Concise in your Grant Writing
  • Grant Application Insurance Questions
  • Budget Questions in your Grant Application
  • An Honest Budget is a Good Budget
  • How do we find out what Grants are available?
  • Effective googling to find Grants that you can apply for
  • Hot Tip for Writing Grant Applications